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HIGHS & LOWS - Set of 5
1x OneForCompacts + 4x OneForGlosses
Fits into one deep drawer of the IKEA ALEX 5 drawer unit
Art no.: HILOW

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This beautiful set of 4 acrylic makeup organizers is the right choice if you are looking for a storage systems that holds your compacts, foundations, small palettes as well as your lip gloss collection, liners, concealers and mascaras.

124,95 €
Delivery time: 3 - 5 Days **
Scope of supply:
1x acrylic box "OneForCompacts"
4x acrylic box "OneForGlosses"
Ready to use.

Set "Highs & Lows" – acrylic makeup organizers for your cosmetics storage: 
The acrylic boxes by TidyUps are well-conceived and customizable makeup organizers for your makeup collection and thus the perfect solution to keep your make-up and cosmetic products organized and clearly arranged. Thanks to the unique and customizable plug-in system, you can vary the compartment sizes, adapt them to your needs and thus always be well organized.

The "OneForCompacts” acrylic box was specifically designed to fit into the IKEA ALEX drawer cabinet, which itself is widely considered to be the “Holy Grail” for the safekeeping of all beauty products. The acrylic box also fits into the IKEA MALM dressing table as well as in the IKEA MALM 6-drawer chest, another popular solution for vanity tables. If you use all dividers, you will get a total of 39 equally sized compartments, ideal for storing compacts, concealers or small palettes. By removing individual separation bars, you can enlarge the compartments to store bigger cosmetic products such as jars, eyeshadow palettes or foundations.
The "OneForGlosses" acrylic box is ideal for keeping and arranging your lip gloss collection and thereby it becomes a beautiful eye-catcher on your dressing table. This versatile makeup organizer is just as perfect for concealers, mascaras or liners. And you know what? You can also store your foundations, small palettes and moisturizers by removing just a few dividers. What an all-rounder!
Dimensions "OneForCompacts": w: 289mm x h: 50mm x d: 290mm
Dimensions "OneForGlosses": w: 141mm x h: 180mm x d: 107mm

Please note: Makeup and decoration is not included
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