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Howto & IKEA guide

Organize your makeup with TidyUps

just follow these 5 easy steps!


Wondering if our organizers will fit into your IKEA furniture?

We made a IKEA Guide for you!

Here is an overview of our makeup organizers matching your IKEA storage:

Download IKEA Guide as PDF

DIY - IKEA MALM dressing table

How to extend the drawer of your IKEA MALM dressing table

HowTo assemble the "DividersForCosmetics"

Fits the IKEA MALM dressing table


HowTo assemble the "DividersForCompacts"

Fits the IKEA ALEX drawer units


HowTo assemble the "DividersForEyeshadows"

Fits the IKEA ALEX drawer units


HowTo assemble the "DividersForPalettes"

Fits the IKEA ALEX drawer units


HowTo individualize the "OneForLipsticks"

Fits the IKEA ALEX drawer units and more



Only the best material for your cosmetics storage.

Our organizers are hand glued, assembled and exclusively produced from high quality acrylic. 
Anyone who spends a lot of money on high-quality make-up products attaches as much importance
to high-quality storage and a clear order of it.

Why acrylic is the best material for cosmetics storage and how to take care of your new organizers,
you can read here.

Download PDF

What fits in? - Dimensions of our makeup dividers

Find the perfect organizer for your cosmetic products

Here is an overview of the individual slot dimensions of our makeup dividers.
Please make sure to print this sheet in actual size to fit the correct dimensions. 

Download PDF
* incl. tax, plus shipping